Dark Angel's 4.9

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Dark Angel's 4.9

Post by Pulaski


we have a new download!

Title: Dark Angel's 4.9
Description: DARK ANGELS 4.9: Dark Angel's Ghost Recon Mod is a compilation of some of the best mods made, and put together with a different style of play. The guns are more accurate an reticules faster. This means you had better be faster. Even though the guns are highly accurate, you lose the randomness of the regular GR guns, so this means: Your gun is accurate, you better be accurate too. Lots of new weapons, kits, missions, and maps. Open it up and take a look see. NOTE: If you're a siege fan and your hosting: there are several siege map variations in the "missions" listing. Even though it said mission, these maps are Siege maps. There is also a night time MBC, and Polling Center!!!
Category: Mods for the Original Ghost Recon
Click here to go to the download page!

Have fun!