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[UPD] HX5: Red Sun vHX5

A List of Downloads will be Posted Here!
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[UPD] HX5: Red Sun vHX5

Aug 2017 04 09:33

Post by Pulaski » Fri Aug 04, 2017 9:33 am


We have an updated download!

Description: HX5: Red Sun Details: This Ghost Recon modification includes two-hundred weapons and ten new maps over an eight-mission campaign in Kurdistan. There are also three new gameplay types, music, videos, and more! Some of the features include: An 8-mission campaign that takes place in Kurdistan 10 new maps, over 200 weapons, 10 soldier classes New gametypes: 8 co-op, 3 solo, 4 team New music, videos, and sound effects.

Category: Mods

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Have fun!

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