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Frostbite Full Install v1.3

Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2017 2:26 pm
by Pulaski

We have a new download!

Title: Frostbite Full Install
Description: More than just a new campaign, this is a full Expansion Pack, featuring a massive 12 brand new and beautiful maps as well as a full Campaign, new weapons, new camo and new vehicles. We had no hesitation in awarding this remarkable fan made expansion pack 10/10 in our review. This pack goes to prove what Jack57 started - that fans really can put out mods that not only rival Official missions, but exceed them on several fronts. 8 MISSION CAMPAIGN Frostbite features an eight-mission story related single-player campaign. The ghosts travel to the far reaches of the North to battle communism once again in an epic struggle between good and evil.
Category: Mods
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